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Goal and mission

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Or how I formulate the goal and mission when working with a task.


The goal is the final point in the business world that we want to achieve by doing something. For example, we want to increase revenue by 33% for the third quarter by increasing the number of service payments.

  1. The goal should be specific. What exactly do we want to increase? Can I segment it in more detail?
  2. Measurable. You need to specify a number. Numerical definition, quantity in absolute or percentage form.
  3. With a deadline. How much time do we need to achieve success? When should the planned result be received?


The mission is what we will help the user with if we do something. For example, we want to help the user quickly find out about the appearance of new ads for interesting searches. If 25% percent of users use it in a month, it will be considered a success.

Can they be together?

Yes. The coolest thing is when you manage to make decisions in the field of intersections of mission and goal, but sometimes it happens that the solution is only in the field of mission or goal. And that’s fine.

How to formulate it?

Discuss the problem with your product manager. Discuss how this affects our end users and our business. Discuss what success looks like by defining success criteria. Write down your open questions and think about how you will answer them. Look at past research. Challenge the wording — is this the right problem, is it formulated correctly?

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