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Self-checking the interface

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Before each interface screen, I ask myself these questions:

  1. And in this case, does a person have some kind of habit? Are there any familiar patterns of such an interface in the world?
  1. Am I forcing the user to do something that a computer can do? For example, the field is immediately in focus.
  1. Have I lost the data that the user gave me?
  1. Did I remove all the extra stuff from this screen? Is it possible to connect some functionality? Can I add some utility?
  1. I try to imagine that I didn’t see anything before this screen. Do I understand everything on this screen?
  1. Have I done everything to avoid using the modal interface? Can I show all the functions at once? Can I use a quasi-mode? Have I thought through stack navigation well?
  1. Is it easy for me to hit each element with my cursor or finger? Have I shown the click areas?
  1. Have I thought about the feedback of each action? It should be fast, constant and simple. Sometimes emotional, where it is necessary. Have I prepared animations of important interface elements? Do I need tactile feedback and sound feedback?
  1. Does the interface fit into the user’s mental model? Can I reduce the resistance if I go beyond the limits of this model?
  1. Is the interface complete and systematic? Can I reuse something? Do all the elements correspond to the design system?
  1. Did I get an aesthetic, simple and clean interface? Have I lost my simplicity trying to explain what kind of screen it is?
  1. Did I forget about darkmode?
  1. Did I forget about tablets? About small smartphones?
  1. Did I describe all the extreme states? How many lines of text? How to position images and so on. What does the screen look like without data?
  1. Are there any extra loaders? Ideally, there should be no loaders at all. Do I need skeletons?
  1. Did I forget to consider what the interface would look like with the larger font?
  1. Did I discuss the syntax with the ux editor?
  1. Did I add a cherry to the cake? Did I do something small but important that will surprise the user?
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