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Self-checking the interface

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Before each interface screen, I ask myself these questions:

  • And in this case, does the person have a habit? Are there any familiar patterns of such an interface already existing in the world?
  • Am I forcing the user to do something that a computer can do? Did I lose the data that the user gave me?
  • Did I remove all the extra stuff from this screen? Is it possible to connect some functionality? Can I add some utility?
  • I try to imagine that I didn’t see anything before this screen. Do I understand everything on this screen?
  • Have I done everything to avoid using the modal interface? Can I show all the features at once? Can I use a quasi-mode?
  • Is it easy for me to hit each element with my cursor or finger?
  • Have I thought about the feedback of each action? It should be fast, constant, and simple.
  • Does the interface fit into the user’s mental model? Can I reduce the resistance if I go beyond the limits of this model?
  • Is the interface complete and systematic? Can I reuse something? Are there any errors?
  • Is my interface organized? Can I reuse something? Are there any errors?
  • Did I get an aesthetic and clean interface?
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