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Principles help me make decisions. I stole some from others, some were invented by myself.


I compare the time spent with the benefits received. I do not do self-expression, I am looking for a solution that is cheap, at the same time, the solution brings the maximum benefit. I value the company’s resources.


The more time the designer spends on the layout, the harder it is for them to throw out this layout. I make cheap prototypes and small iterations in mockups to easily throw out these solutions in case they don’t work.


Far better to spend more time analyzing the problem and offer a strong solution than to solve the problem without understanding. On average, it takes about half of the time to understand a task.


A simple way to reduce your level of anxiety or the importance of something is to imagine that everything that is happening around is a computer game and I have a certain resource for the day. First, I can’t do more than I can do. Second, failure is not the end of the world, it helps to move forward. I will have many opportunities.


Usually, when I give an estimate, you only estimate the time of those tasks that are immediately clear. But about the same number of tasks come in the process. A simple way is to multiply the visible time by two, then it will be more truthful. But the visible area depends on the experience of the designer, so each designer has their own parameters.


The trouble is if the designer resolves their own problem, and not the problem of the user or business. I am trying to relive person’s task. Maybe I should become one for a couple of days.


Simple, but important. No one can plan my week better than me. No one forces me or reminds me about the tasks. No one explains the requirements for the task to me. No one will tell me about the technical limitations in detail.


I don’t keep my thoughts to myself. I speak out if I feel that my vision helps to achieve the goal.


If you promised, you should do it, put it as a priority. If I don’t have time, I must tell the person who is waiting as soon as possible.

Right now

I am trying to resolve the problem simply, and then think about how to add functionality. I found the “Perfect world”, then I thought about how to do it right now, but without losing quality. If the complete ideal solution is a cake, then in the first version you need to make a cupcake with a cherry.

Perfect world

First, I am trying to remove all restrictions and generate ideal solutions. To see the final point, which we will go to later. It often happens that these “ideal solutions” can be easy to implement.

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