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Competitor analysis

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I consider the analysis of competitors within a specific feature as one of the ways to analyze and search for ideas. This is not about creating something bigger and not about the overall assessment of the market.

It is important to note that we already know the problem and the goal. We have a success criterion and an audience is defined. What’s next?

We describe the evaluation criteria

The criteria will be different for each feature. We describe briefly, but as concretely as possible:

  1. How well the problem or task is solved. There may be several solutions. For example, adding a photo on the submission form or something else.
  2. The first interaction with interface.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts and interactivity.
  4. Anything else that is important in the context of a particular feature...

Looking for competitors

As a rule, 3-4 direct competitors are already known. We include it in the list and divide it into platforms, if necessary. Each platform is a separate analysis.

Do not forget about indirect competitors. Newspaper, radio, apartment sale service, visa application form. They help to find the “new”, but they should be treated skeptically. A feature that works cool for them may not be needed by our audience at all.

Write to the table

We write down the criteria and add the “score” and “comment” field next to each one.

The “score” is from 0 to 5. The better the competitor’s criterion is implemented, the higher the score.

“Comment” – What influenced the assessment? Why not 5? Optionally, you can add more screenshots for clarity.

Making conclusions

In the process of filling out the table, ideas will appear that solves the problem well, and what is not very good and how it can be improved. Based on the information received, we make hypotheses.

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