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These are not just buzzwords. These are important things that I had to undergo and learn through, things that reflect a large number of attempts to try out various things in design.


I practice design work independently. However, I happen to work through leadership in the team. I use development levels to do the work on time. What I do first thing is understand the problem, then formulate hypotheses, prioritize them, make layouts and, lastly, monitor the results. I can do coding. I am well aware of HTML and CSS, just a little bit of JS and PHP.


I make effective products that resolve problems of users and businesses. I test solutions, research the product domain, look for feedback from users, analyse competitors and the results of the design team.


What really matters to me is how things look and how people feel when they use them. In my works, I bring beauty, clarity. When creating something new, I focus on the product vision, principles, and mission. I strive to make an aesthetic and functional solution at the same time.


I work on digital products. I create layouts for websites, mobile and desktop applications, and brand identification elements. I’m not afraid to dive into technology. I’ve had decent experience with advertising, urban navigation, video, and fashion design. However these days I tend to focus on digital products.


Since my childhood, I have always loved to explore how different objects work, looking for a system in each solution. I take a quick look at the products first, then go in-depth. I try to find a system at every level. I track the integrity and fault tolerance of the system. Not only does this apply to the interface elements, but also to the product architecture and its visual.

My kind of thing

Feedback · respect · influence · focus · scale · changes · risk · consistency · truth · learning · aesthetics · team · dream · community · collaboration. If they are not there, I feel uncomfortable.

Areas that attract me are communication, planning, cars, travel, music, cooking, and fashion.


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