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These are not just buzzwords. These are important things that I had to undergo and learn through, things that reflect a large number of attempts to try out various things in design.

— Mom, who turns on the street lights every day?

Since childhood, I have been passionate about researching different subjects, looking for a system in each solution, trying to find patterns and thinking about all the options for the outcome of the action. It’s always been in my DNA. I appreciate people who are looking for a system at every step, thinking about how to make it fault-tolerant and scalable.

Sometimes I even thought that popularizing systems thinking was my destiny, after I came to my senses and realized that this was not only my plus, but also a minus. In simple tasks, a systematic approach prevents me from making decisions quickly. For this, I came up with development levels of a task and I use them every day. I am sure that the phrase “system thinking” definitely deserves to be here.

— Ah, that’s why sometimes beautiful things work better

It’s incredibly important to me how things look and how people feel when they use them. Emotions, emotions and emotions again. I am one of those people whose mood changes for the better when I am in a beautiful place or surrounded by beautiful objects. I’m trying to popularize beauty and aesthetics in my work as much as I can.

— Van, well, don’t complicate it!

I often heard this phrase from my manager at the beginning of my career. The ability to make a complex thing is simple — it’s worth a lot. I’m trying to find a middle ground between “I’ll explain and sign everything right now” and “let’s remove everything unnecessary and make it simple.” It is infinitely important to reduce cognitive resistance and give a person as much information as he needs at the moment, no more.

My kind of thing

Feedback · respect · influence · focus · systems thinking · changes · beauty · simplicity · truth · learning · dream · community · collaboration. If they are not there, I feel uncomfortable.

Areas that attract me are communication, cars, travel, music.

Design principles

Entrepreneur · trash · focus · game · iceberg · empathy · initiative · transparency · responsibility · right now · perfect world.


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