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Situational leadership

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Situational leadership is a style of people management that involves the use of one of the four management styles, depending on the situation and the level of development of employees in relation to the task. According to this model, there are 4 leadership styles and 4 degrees of employee development.

4 management styles

The first is directive style, or leadership by command. High focus on the task and low focus on the people. The leader gives specific instructions and monitors the completion of tasks.

The second is mentoring style, or leadership by selling ideas. Combining a high focus on the task and on the people. The manager continues to give instructions and monitor the execution of tasks, but at the same time explains the decisions made to the employee, offers to express their ideas and suggestions.

The third is a supportive style, or leadership by participating in the organization of the working process. High focus on people and low focus on the task. The leader supports and helps their employees in their work. The leader is involved in the decision-making process, but the decisions are made by the team.

The fourth is the delegating style. Low focus on both people and the task. The leader transfers authority, rights, and responsibility to other team members.

4 degrees of employee development

The first. An employee at this level is highly motivated, shows a lot of enthusiasm, but has only basic knowledge and skills.

Second. An employee at this level usually already has the knowledge and skills, but such an employee feels demotivated for some reason.

Third. An employee at this level has the knowledge and well-developed skills to complete the task, but their self-confidence and abilities are unstable, which in its turn can affect motivation.

Fourth. The employee at this level demonstrates a masterful command of the skills necessary to complete this task. In addition, they are motivated and confident.


10% knowledge, 100% motivation – directive style.
30% knowledge, 10% motivation – mentoring style.
70% knowledge, 40% motivation – supportive style.
100% knowledge, 100% motivation – delegating style.

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