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A few months ago, the Bureau’s School of Designers published a new assignment. For this project, I procrastinated and only started working on it two weeks before its deadline. The task is explained like this:

Imagine that an app existed that monitored any parameters of the body including pulse, pressure, breath, weight, PH level, cholesterol, dopamine, adrenaline by using non-invasive forms.

Develop a device interface that analyzes the condition of the body and helps it to live and work better. The app offers suggestions to increase productivity, warns of diseases, recommends a beneficial diet.

It is enough to show a key scenario or day of a person’s life with this device for it to work. The device can be presented in any shape: phone, clock, pendant, headband on the head, earphone. The transfer of thoughts directly to the brain has not yet invented, so we will have to use five senses for the transmission of information: vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

The result will be judged by simplicity, convenience of man and consistency of correct information. Bold ideas are welcomed, but do not invent a device that is impossible to believe it. We evaluate the quality of interface and not the knowledge of biology and medicine. The analysis of the subject will improve the evaluation, but the technical flaws are forgiven.

Brief summary of the solution

Health, an app that cares about your well-being makes your life healthier and more comfortable. The app gives recommendations on prevention and treatment and warns of illness. It works in conjunction with the “Caretaker 2” chip. The device measures pulse, pressure, PH levels, cholesterol, dopamine, and adrenaline.

You do not need to buy a special device. The app can be downloaded onto any device that runs on the operating system iOS or Android. Almost everyone has such a device, right? Right.


To activate the chip, it is easy…Just swallow the pill and drink water. The shell is dissolvable and the “caretaker 2” chip will be able to measure the parameters. The device lives in the body for 2 years. Then the chip is completely dissolved. Of course, all of this is my fantasy. Or, maybe not.

Indicators on one screen. Smart Alarm Clock

The data is calculated in real time, so the graphics are very smooth. The exception is the pulse, and it is calculated every minute. The app will wake you up at the optimal time of day for the body, according to your daily health indicators.

Medications and medical card

Based on the data from the medical card, the app knows when you need to take medications. You can put a reminder and postpone a portion of the pill.

The medical card contains general information about the user, doctor, and medications. In case of an emergency, doctors will be able to easily determine your blood type, allergens and contact family members. The app allows you to make an appointment with a doctor, order a prescription, and renew health insurance.

Call the emergency

The app warns of a important health condition. It offers to call an ambulance based on your geolocation, or to make an appointment with a doctor. The app uses data from the medical card.

Indicator control

Monitors the body’s performance per day. It recommends how much to eat, how much water to drink, workouts, or time of rest.

It’s also looking for the nearest supermarket or pharmacy on the map. The user can tell about the application to friends. To notify – the application uses notifications. For management – Siri, 3d-Touch and geolocation.


The app contains information about the user’s health insurance. The user can receive notifications of expiration dates and offer renewals.

Statistics, analysis, customization

It is possible to monitor statistics by using graphics or by using excel tables. The analysis of indicators for day, week, month, year or calendar is displayed.

In the settings, you can follow the life cycle of the chip and adjust health parameters. You can control the alarm and call an ambulance. Special options for people with disabilities are even provided.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for reading until the end. Especially, Julia Makavozovoi for helping me with the text and Dmitriy Karanevsky for pictures.

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