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Comments in stories

I’d like to share a story about how we made a comments in stories. By doing so, we increased the number of stories read and the number of days in stories by 13%. I won’t describe the case in detail here, as it is described in great detail by Misha, I will only share a few points.

Tinkoff is an online ecosystem or super app based on financial and lifestyle services. The best mobile privetely-held bank in the world according to Global Finance. The third largest bank in the CIS with 30,000,000 customers.

Situation and challenge

We need to sell financial products in some way, this is the company’s main income. In order to do this more effectively, we talk about financial products in stories. Consequently, engagement in these stories has a positive effect on sales. That’s why we decided to make a comments module as a tool for engaging in our stories. At the same time, we conducted research and made sure that people want to be involved in the community, to share their opinions, to ask questions.


We did a simple discovery. Analyzed similar products, analyzed similar solutions within Tinkoff and did a desk study of benchmarks. In the end we have 6 hypotheses, prioritized them and took the first two hypotheses in the first iteration to cover all success criteria. As part of the first iteration, made hi-fi mockups and tested them. I’m not talking about a dozen approaches, how the comments could look like, it’s all described in detail by Misha.


At the beginning of September we launched AB test. A few weeks later, we go into analytics, and the number of comments there has increased 70 times in relation to the previous weeks. What is the reason? Comments were enabled on Junior users (kids under 14). They made this feature monumental.

Total number of stories read increased by 12.9% and number of days by 13.2%

And these are the results of adult clients, in children it is 2-3 times higher, but we don’t include children in the results for obvious reasons. The role of designer was performed by Misha Naer. I played the role of the head of the design process. And these are the results of the first iteration, further on it will be more interesting. See you in the next episodes, thank you!

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