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Publications on external resources with my participation or mention:

Design Spot If you haven’t conducted an interview with a user, you’re not a designer

Nativ About UX · UI and something else. Interview with Ivan Zviahin and Alexey Tischenko

Independent magazine of bureau Gorbunova “Who is the student” Ivan Zviahin. Just do maximum.

Transit Maps Absolutely beautiful map. All actions in business should be beautiful. 50 materials to do online marketing yourself. My article is number 13.

Skillbox “Who should I ask?”: choosing respondents for UX research

Skillbox Ask an expert: how can I make useful titles on the metro map?

RAUX 2020 Markup is the competence of the design team. The story of how we did it. A singing coconut in an av will make you turn the video on repeat AIDA Pioneer continued the story with carp in a new advertising campaign for showed how the car turns into money. Even fish knows: the new advertising campaign. The history of the life of Belarus through their cars.

BTW AIDA Pioneer case: turns a car into money.

BTW Garage life in the advertising campaign from AIDA Pioneer.

BTW The scheme of the Minsk metro, such that other cities envy. The audience of app has grown 8 times.

Onliner Russian art director and Belarusian designers have developed a new Minsk Metro Map. Designer’s portfolio – tips, templates , and examples. My website is number 14. The designer has developed a new metro scheme in Minsk.

ТR Minsk Metro Map from Ilya Birman became a subject of controversy.

Village Ilya Birman developed the Minsk metro scheme with errors.

Village Ilya Birman will correct errors in the Minsk metro scheme.

Citydog Designers have developed an alternative scheme of the Minsk metro.

International Science Forum. The effective approach for classification of electronic sales.

Communication in Social Human Knowledge, Economics, & Education. Materials 4th International scientific-practical conference. Infographic as effective tool for content-marketing.

KYKY What do people who make a car site drive.

KYKY Designers have drawn an alternative version of the Minsk metro scheme.

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