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google “ux design" certification. create high-fidelity designs and prototypes. foundations of user experience design. conduct ux research and test early concepts. build wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes. start the ux design process: empathize, define, and ideate. build dynamic user interfaces. design a user experience for social good.

Case study as a design leader · How we launched channels in the tinkoff app and grew the bank's retention rate by 2%. A detailed study from misha naer will be coming soon.


Design career paths · How we made design career paths and criteria for transition from one role to another for designers and got an effective tool to make a personal development plan. Additionally, we helped designers understand how they can develop and what level they are at now.


Case study as a design leader · Finally! I’d like to share a story about how we made a comments in stories. By doing so, we increased the number of stories read and the number of days in stories by 13%. I won’t describe the case in detail here, as it is described in great detail by misha naer, I will only share a few points.


New position · Product design manager in tinkoff · All non-financial products involve people in the banking app and earn extra money. More than 30 products and team of more than 20 designers.

During the year, we made several new cards in the personal feed and doubled engagement rate. Previously, there were only two types of cards, an article and story card. Now we have video cards, a new story card, selection and games cards that have diversified the feed and given a huge engagement boost. Additionally, we made new like button, which looks more emotional and attractive.


Why Design is an Embacy's autumn project. It is a showcase of unique stories and views. Like its name, it's an a original project where they are planning to collect 100 personal stories from a wide variety of people: art directors, CEOs, designers, managers, teachers, students, etcetera – people of different ages and countries united by love to design. I am happy to be a part of this exhibition.

Case study as a designer · News card in personal feed. How we made a news card in the feed and increased CTR of first card by 32%, 1-week retention rate of the feed by 8%, open rate by 4% and engagement rate by 35%.


#FFDD2D design conf · How to implement the design process in your work and improve the results of your features and projects.

youtube · presentation.pdf

New position · Lead designer in tinkoff · Engagement team. We are facing a huge challenge. We want to build a communication platform where people can learn all about finance, save money and have fun.

Design process · My point of view on the process of work. How to divide a large project into small stories and how to work with each user story separately.

Case study as a designer · Saved searches. How we made a feature so that 27 % of buyers use it and achieve their goals.

Case study as a designer · How we did registration by phone number and now 82% of new users successfully use it.

Pet project · A variety of unique masterclasses help to find an individual path of development and inspire people to come up with intersting ideas.

What I really love is the process of creating content, which sparked creativity to do such a project. This project is not a fatigue, but my hobby. We launched recently, however, the project is already making a killing.

Case study as a designer · How we added a toll service on the ad submission form and increased the conversion to purchase this service by 48 %.

leadership, values and principles, hogan assessments

Education · Several sessions with Alexey Ivanov.

Case study as a designer · How we moved the media format of loan and lease applications to the service format and increased the number of applications by 32 % and started earning more.

my ideal process for working on a task and personal principles

Principles and process help me make effective decisions. Some I stole from others, some I invented myself. I don’t think it should be like this for everyone, but it works well for me. Check it out!

Case study as a designer · How I did a research and found several effective solutions for retention growth during the first user interaction with the app.


Case study as a designer · I'll add it soon · We have made a technical relaunch and redesign of all platforms: web desktop, web mobile, android and ios app. The goal was to make a relaunch and no to break the existing metrics.

We have developed a design system based on atoms and entities. You can study one of them in the picture, this is the entity of the post in different levels of detail, but with a single skeleton. web · ios app · android app

Cars are my passion. An important event happened on this day. I became the owner of these 200 black horses and they now make me a little happier every day. It's certainly not a yellow porsche from a childhood dream, but it's a good step towards a dream.

how we took a markup from engineering team into design team and increased speed of development

Case study in russian on youtube · Оnline conference RAUX 2020.

user interviews, impact mapping, acceptance criteria, user story

Education · Workshops. Training center itmine.

Case study as a designer · I'll add it soon · The goal is to create a unique visual language so that the brand is recognized without a logo and stands out among competitors.

We held brand sessions and presented what the brand would look like if it were a car, animal or human. As a result, we identified four features of the brand: simplicity, visibility, optimism, cheerfulness.

We ended up creating a visual language that worked through text, images, typography, color and so on.

new position · lead designer

сar sales board

Case study as a designer · How we made a new car configurator for UAZ, which looks simple, clearly tells about the future car, shows the configuration and allows you to customize everything.

UAZ Automobile Company

Case study as a designer · How we developed a smart product feed at "sovest", fascinated people and helped them order an installment card.


Pet project · This is a bookshelf with books that I have read and I want to reread. I sometimes take valuable notes.


new position · product designer

сar sales board

Pet project · How we made navigation for an American gym and helped people find it in a shopping center in Belarus.


typography, layouts

Education · I completed workshop with Igor Shtang. I made a workshop project and wrote notes on it. All materials are in russian.

project · process in russian · notes in russian

Education · I graduated from Gorbunov Bureau Design School in Moscow and did a diploma project, which was hightly praised and enabled me to win the first place award.

I have improved my skills in the following disciplines: typography and layout, user interface, data visualization, prototyping, negotiations and relationships, project management.

At the entrance exam, my solution also took first place and I received a grant for free training.

diploma project · entrance exam's project · school's website

the graduate by google

Education · I was trained in the program of training specialists in the field of internet marketing. I made an online store and learned how to set up ads.

Pet project · How we made a map of the Minsk metro for tourists and got five out of five stars from transit maps.

master of economics and dissertation on e-commerce for small businesses

Education · Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

New position · In 2013, I got a job at the Cheshire Cat marketing agency as a designer. Three years later, I got the position of a lead designer. We launched 16 e-stores and have conducted effective advertising campaigns. I left the agency in 2017. It was a great time. A thanks!

bachelor degree in technical sciences at the faculty of computer technologies

Education · Belarusian State University.

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